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Karime Lopez celebrates her connection with Mother Nature. An ode to her love of fruits and flowers from across Italy, showcased in a delicious collection of jellies, all with intense flavor and low in sugar. The delightful combinations of Gucci Osteria jellies change with the seasons, offering different varieties for spring, summer and autumn, depending on the time of year. The jellies will be available exclusively from Gucci Osteria Florence and from the reservation section below.
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New flavour: Violet and raspberry jelly
35 € / pack

Violet and raspberry jelly

Karime Lopez Jellies for Gucci Osteria Florence are a vibrant ode to the Italian Spirit.

New Flavour: Autumn edition
Violet and Raspberry Jelly
The creation of these jellies is inspired by a particular love of blooming flowers that enrich Gucci Osteria. Chef Karime combines the subtlety of fragrant violets with the sweet mid-autumnal fruitiness of raspberry.

Each jelly collection comes in an elegant Gucci package.

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Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura: a series of Italian, contemporary restaurants, found in world cities with varied and different identities.