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Gucci Osteria Florence

Choco Praline

Enjoy the sweet everlasting marriage of flavours with our Choco Praline set. Treat yourself or your loved ones with Karime Lopez’s tempting gourmet creations, available now to purchase via our E-Shop.
Choco Praline
40 € / pack

Choco Praline
Discover the latest sweet Gucci Osteria Florence treats. Enjoy 12 crunchy love-at-first-bite pieces of irresistible Choco Praline, in three indulgent flavours: pistachio, hazelnut, and peanut, all covered in the most velvety milk chocolate, presented in a beautiful tin.

Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura: a series of Italian, contemporary restaurants, found in world cities with varied and different identities.